Unit Seven: An Evaluation.

Throughout Unit Seven, we were asked to explore the media industry, from its legal and ethical issues, to the job opportunities in the field. Being so early on in the course, it was the first change I got to truly look into the field of media, and more specifically, Journalism; our ‘Two Controversial Stories’ assignment gave us the opportunity to experience working in the cut throat field of Journalistic writing, having to produce two articles within a pre-set time period. Much of the Unit revolved around job opportunities within the media, and the companies and corporations that operate within it; Film, Radio, Television, the Printing Press; we were tasked with finding out as much as we could about each of these fields of media. Having finished the task, I’d say that the aspect of Journalism that most appealed to me would be the field of News, as we saw in the Two Controversial Stories assignment.

Ultimately, the Unit expanded my knowledge of the creative media sector, and as well as giving us the chance to understand the legal constrains that we’d be working with, it allowed us to see the type of environments and corporations we’d be working for.


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