Multi-National, National and Local Corporations, and Independent Companies.

Multi-National Corporation: Quite simply, a ‘multi-national’ corporation, is a corporation that operates in more than one country, and can also be referred to as an International Corporation. Multi-National companies have played a vital role in the globalisation of the world, importing and exporting goods and services across the modern world, connecting businesses together and altogether. Of course, many laws have been set in place to stop Multi-national corporations from profiting from the misfortune of other counties; child labour and low wages are just some examples of what Multi-national corporations have been accused of in the past. Coca Cola is a classic example of a multi-national  corporation that has both spread across the world, and been accused of taking advantage of foreign labour.

National Corporations: Similarly to a multi-national corporation, a national corporation is a company that exchanges goods and services, but within a small, singular area, usually within a single country. Sainsbury’s could be described as a national corporation, operating within the UK largely.

Local Corporations: The smallest industry out of the three, a local Corporation is a company which provides goods and services to a local population, and could be compared to a local butchers or restaurant, who isn’t really recognised outside of a specific area.

Independent Corporation: In terms of business, an independent corporation is one which is privately owned, as opposed to publicly owned corporations, and the term is often used to distinguish independent company from chain brands.


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