Five Jobs.

Okay, so our task was to find five jobs within the creative media sector that we would be interested in; of course, I looked specifically for jobs involving a degree of writing. Here are the five jobs that I found to be interesting:


Title: Production Editor.

Type: Creative.

Company Name: ‘Yarn Craft’.

Contract Type: Permanent.

Location: Bath.

Pay Scale: Unspecified, Competitive.


Title: Freelance Writer.

Type: Creative.

Company Name: Prospect Solution

Contract Type: Freelance.

Location: Anywhere.

Pay Scale: Unspecified.


Title: Media Assistant.

Type: Creative.

Company Name: John Ayling & Associates LTD.

Contact Type: Permanent.

Location: Soho, London.

Pay Scale: Unspecified.


Title: Social Media and Contend Writer Intern.

Type: Creative.

Company Name: MGID.

Contract Type: Temporary.

Location: Oxford Circus.

Pay Scale: Unspecified.


Title: Freelance Sub-Editor.

Type: Creative.

Company Name:  Environmental Graffiti.

Contract Type: Freelance.

Location: Working from home.

Pay Scale: £15 per hour.


Okay, now that I have that information, I can lay it out in a creative format. I’m thinking either Photo-shop or as a News article. I’ll start on that now.


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