Five Companies: Social Networking.

Here we go, this one will be a bit more interesting to research. Here we go:

Starting with one of the most used forms of social networking today, we have Facebook. To put it in perspective, as of 2012, Facebook has 955 million active users. For anyone who’s seen the 2010 film, The Social Network, which was ‘based’ upon Mark Zuckerburgs creation of Facebook with his college roommates, Facebook began as something only people attending Harvard University could use; it then spread to other schools, until eventually becoming a form of social networking independent from Harvard or any school, becoming the Facebook it is today. Of course, being as big as it is, it has had its share of criticisms and lawsuits, but I won’t go into them right now.

Next, we have Twitter. A ‘microblogging’ site (most likely due to the 140 character limit), that allows people to view small, text-like posts from other uses, named tweets. It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, and although not as popular as Facebook, it has 500 million active users. Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco, and connects people in  a simpler way than Facebook; it isn’t as emphasised to ‘follow’ people you know, and instead connections you to millions around the world. Interestingly, Twitter has been used to organises things such as protests, such as the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

What next? … Ah, Skype. Although still a form of Social Media, it is far from Twitter and Facebook; Skype allows people to connect via voice and video over the internet, but also allows them to call on traditional telephone networks. Placing between Twitter and Facebook, it has on average 663 million registered uses as of 2011. Its headquarters are based in Luxembourg, and was created by Janus Friis in 2003. Microsoft bought Skype in May 2011 for $8.5 Billion from eBay Inc.

Fourth, we have MSN. Originally named the Microsoft Network, it was created in 1995. A popular social networking part of MSN is its ‘Messenger’; an instant messaging service that allows real-time chats with other users. In my opinion at least, it seems like MSN Messenger has died down over the part few years, especially with the Facebook Chat feature, which essentially meant that Facebook users had no need for the MSN real-time chat feature; MSN Messenger has also been replaced by Microsoft with Windows Liver Messenger.

Finally, we have Tumblr; the only one of the list that I haven’t used myself, Tumblr, like Twitter, is a microblogging service owned by Tumblr Inc. As of 2012, Tumblr has 64.7 million active blogs, making it the least used on the list; it is also one of the newest, being created in 2007 by David Karp, whose headquarters are in New York. While there isn’t much on Tumblr, its creator Karp won the 2009 Best Young Entrepreneur for BusinessWeek.


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