Five Companies: Part Two.

Okay, the first part of our task this morning is to finish the task we were given last friday: find five companies in each media sector, and find some information about them. I won’t have much time to do this, so this one isn’t going to be as detailed as the last. Okay, here we go:


BBC (British Broadcasting Company): With its headquarters in Westminster, London, the BBC is a public service broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in world by employee’s, with 23,000 staff. it was founded on January 1st, 1927 by John Reith.

Channel 4: Founded much later in than the BBC, in 1982, Channel 4 was initially a subsidiary to IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority), is ultimately publicly owned, and commercially funded.

ITV: A major commercial service broadcasting network in the UK, ITV was launched in 1955 under the ITA (Independent Television Authority). Its purpose was to provide competition for the BBC, and it now has sister-channels ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4. It is owned by ITV plc, STV plc and UTV plc.

ABC (American Broadcasting Company): Owned by the Walt Disney Company, ABC is an American commercial broadcasting company, and is the largest broadcasting company in the world by revenues. Its headquarters are in Upper Manhattan, and it was founded 1948. Key people within the company are Edward Noble and Robert Iger.

FX (Standing for Fox eXtended): Owned by ‘Fox Entertainment’, FX has been running since 1994, it was one of the first large forays into interactive television. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and the channel is widely known for its original programming.


Machinima: (See previous post ‘Five Companies’ post.)

The Times: The Times is a daily British National Newspaper. Founded in London in 1785 (then named The Daily Universal Register), it has been running for 227 years to date. Both The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times are subsidiaries of News International (See Below) since 1981. Its Editor is James Harding.

News International: NI Group Limited is the United Kingdom newspaper publishing division of News Corporation. It contains three subsidiary companies; The Times, News Group International and NI Free Newspaper Limited. Its headquarters are in London, and two key people within the company are both Rupert and James Murdoch.

NBC News: NBC News, a division of NBC, is a news division of the American broadcasting company. Its President is Steve Camus, and they offer their footage for sale in the NBC Universal Archives. It claims the highest ratings for its morning, evening and sunday interview programs. Founded in 1940, key people are Steve Burke and Steve Capus.

The Independent: A British National Newspaper, it has been owned by Alexander Lebedev since 2010. It was launched in 1986, making one of the youngest British National Newspapers. Its headquarters are in London, and its editor is Chris Blackhurst.

Task Two: Definitions.

1) Private Ownership: When a company is owned by people or organisations that are not part of the government or a country.

2) Public Ownership: When something is owned collectively by the public as a whole.

3) Public Service Media: Public Service Media broadcasting includes radio, television and other electronic media outlets that receive some or all of their funding from obligatory fees, such as the television licence fee which the BBC pulls its funding from.

4) Multi-Nationals: When something operates in multiple countries.

5) Independents: Any form of media that is free from influence from the government or companies.

6) Cross Media: Advertising in all media (?).

Okay.. that took a little while. I know this hasn’t been the most interesting of posts, but it needed to be done, so there we go. If you managed to read all of that than… well… congratulations, because I nearly gave up myself halfway. I promise my next post will be more interesting… probably.


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