Five Companies: Gaming.

Okay, so our task for this morning our task is to look into the creative media industry, and find five companies that operate within certain sectors; film, television, radio, gaming, advertising… and so on, and write what year they began, where its headquarters are and some key people within the company… and I’ll probably throw in some un-related ramblings along the way (exciting, right?).

So, it’s easiest to start with what you know, so here we go.

Edit: After reading through, I’ve marked in bold the key parts of the assignment, e.g. what year they began, where it’s headquarters are and key people.


1) Machinima: Okay, so presuming you’re on ‘youtube’ often, you’ve probably heard of ‘Machinima’; their web site ( boasts a 17.8 billion annual viewership, so it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of them. Just incase, here’s some information about them from their website:

‘Machinima is the next generation video entertainment network for video gamers, providing comprehensive gaming-focused editorial and community programming to the hard-to-reach core 18 – 34 year old male demographic. Across our global network, over 210 million unique gamers viewed in excess of 2.25 billion videos in August 2012,* making us the number one all-time Entertainment Channel on YouTube. Machinima properties are found across the largest global distribution platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iOS and Android.’

As you can see, they are easily one of the largest gaming editorial groups to date. was formed in 2000 by Hugh Hancock to publish work, and although it’s still in the gaming community, it has evolved into one of the largest gaming groups in the world, especially one ‘youtube’.

2) Bungie, formed in 1991, are responsible for one of the largest game series to date, which has spawned a billion dollar franchise; ‘Halo’ (a personal favourite of mine). With its headquarters in Washington, U.S,key people within the company are Harold Ryan and Jason Jones. In 2007, Bungie split from Microsoft, whom it had been apart of since 2000, and became a privately owned company, with a ten-year publishing deal with ‘Activision Blizard’. I’m keeping this one short, because I honestly don’t have enough time to write as much as I would like to for all of these companies.

3) Bethesda Softworks, a subsidiary of ‘ZeniMax Media’, are mostly responsible for the creation role-playing and racing games (Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls being a primary example). For the part two decades (it was formed in 1986 by Christopher Weaver), the company has a very long history with PC and Console games, and it also has been known to publish movie games, such as Terminator. I’m having to restrain myself from praising this company in this part, and it isn’t easy; I’ve wasted more hours of my life on Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls then I am proud to admit. Anyway, before I get off topic of the assignment,  Its headquarters are held in Maryland, U.S, with key people involved in the company being Vlatko Andonov and Todd Vaughn. 

4) Infinity Ward are well known as being the creators of the, in my opinion, most repetitive game series known to existence: Call of Duty, which earn hundreds of millions with each release to the franchise (I could literally write for hours about this game, and very little of it would be good… but I’ll save you all the paragraphs of complaints and aggravated ramblings). The company itself has had its share of problems, with lawsuits such as ‘West and Zampella v. Activision’, ‘Infinity Ward Employee Group v. Activision’ (A quick google search about them with tell you what they’re about).

Oh, before I forget, its headquarters are in California, U.S, its key people are Mark Rubin and Tina Palacious, and it was formed in 2002. 

5) Rockstar Games, widely known for being the creators of Grand Theft Auto, a game which taught my entire generation that stealing a car and speeding down the street while shooting cops and hitting pedestrians is a better way to spend your time than working. of course, they make other games; Max Payne, L.A Noire, Red Dead, and so on. I think what I like about Rockstar is summed up by creative vice president Dan houser, whom told ‘Famitsu’ that:

“We’re deliberately avoiding that right now, It’s in our DNA to avoid doing what other companies are doing. I suppose you could say that Max Payne 3 is something close to an FPS, but there are really unique aspects to the setting and gameplay there, too, not just in the story. You have to have originality in your games; you have to have some kind of interesting message. You could say that the goalpoint of Rockstar is to have the players really feel what we’re trying to do”.

Rockstars headquarters are in New York, U.S, and was formed in 1998, with key people being Sam Houser and Dan Houser. 

So, thats the first part of todays assignment done. Admittedly, I probably did more than we were supposed to do; i’m pretty sure right now that a simple bullet-point list would have done, and I’d probably have finished fifteen minutes ago. But still, I’ll do them one at a time, and get it finished another day. Five Companies: Television coming soon.

I’ve definitely ran out of time today, time to get working.


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