Employment Opportunities.

Here’s the notes taken from the start of this mornings session.

Contracts/ Terms of Employment:

-Part Time:

Fewer hours per week, generally less than 35-30 hours.

The number of part time staff have increased over the last two decades.

In the UK, by law they are to be treated the same as full time staff.

Statutory maternity pay.

Minimum level of paid holiday.

Protection against wage deductions and discrimination.

No redundancy pay, notice of unemployment, protection from unfair dismissal, or right to flexible working.

-Full time:

Usually 40 hours per week, 9 to 5.

Better hours than part time, and a right to flexible working.

Statutory level of paid holiday.

Protection against discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The option not to work more than 48 hours per week, unless they choose to do so.

Minimum notice if their employment is ending.

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave.


Self employed, working for contracts.

Open to more taxes than other jobs.

More creative freedom.

Pick and choose projects and briefs.

Set your own pay for a project.

No holiday, sick pay or maternity pay.

-Fix term:

Working for a set time, like Christmas staff.

Can work both full and part time.

Can be hired through an agency, and benefits depend on the employer.

Job roles:

Creative & Technical.

Editorial & Marketing.

Managerial & Administrative.

Legal & Financial.

Job recruitment:

Trade fairs.

Trade press.



Word of mouth.

Personal contracts.

Careers advice.

National press.

Theres all the notes from this morning. I’m going to get started on our first task, to find five job opportunities within the media sector that we would be interested in.


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