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Photo-Sop: Double Page Spread Continued II.

Photo-Sop: Double Page Spread Continued II.

Here’s the edited final image. I prefer this one to the last, even if it does have less going on in the image. Anyway, feel free to tell me what you think.


Photo-Shop: Double Page Spread Continued.

Photo-Shop: Double Page Spread Continued.

Here was what the DPS looked like when I had finished. I wasn’t really happy with it (I think the still game-play images don’t blend well with the rest of the image), so I edited and created another image, which I’ll post in a moment…

Photo-Shop Session: First Attempt.

Photo-Shop Session: First Attempt.

Here was my first attempt at Photo-shopping during our first session last week. I’ve only just realised why I couldn’t post this sooner; I forgot to save the file as a .jpg, but anyway, here we go. Again, it’s for Halo 4.

Photoshop Work: Double-page Spread.

Photoshop Work: Double-page Spread.

Okay, so this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but apparently, the site wouldn’t let me, so here it is. Our task during our second photo-shop session was to create a double-page spread (I was given the task of doing one for the upcoming Halo 4 release). So, here it is; bare in mind, this is my second attempt at photo-shop, so… don’t expect much yet.