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Research Log: Liverpool and Globalisation.

Here is my research log for my information on Liverpool, Slavery and Globalisation.

‘Of Time and the City’, a film by Terence Davies.

International Slavery Museum, (


A history of Liverpool: (

Images on the Presentation: (Google Images)

Definition of Globalisation: (


Background knowledge on the Slave trade comes from both GCSE and A Level books, both AQA and Edexcel.


Presentation Techniques: An Inconvenient Truth.

So today, with Neil, we watched the documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, by Al Gore. While he raised some very good points about Global Warming and climate issues, we weren’t really watching it for that; we were supposed to watch, and see if we could pick up any presentation techniques from how he presented his argument.

Firstly, a lot of what he showed seemed to be for ‘shock’ value; the rapidly rising figures, clips of the destruction caused by the climate, and so on. Anyway, from what I’ve taken from his presentation, I could use less text in my presentation about Liverpool and Globalisation, and also try to get more statistics (basically anything that conveys information, without it having to be written in text).

As with my presentation, I’m going to do it on how the Slave trade affected Liverpool and Globalisation, making it the city it is today. It’s still at an early stage, but I’ll post some of it once I’ve got something worth posting. I’m going to look straight for some kind of video I can use to do with Liverpool and the slave trade.

Mondays with Neil.

This morning, Neil decided it was time that we all started to work independently during our morning tutor sessions. So, after having another look at the assignment brief, we’ve had to research on what our final presentation on Liverpool and Globalisation will be about.

So far, I haven’t came up with any solid ideas; I’ve thought of perhaps doing the history of Liverpool’s docks and how their trade helped fuel Liverpool’s Globalisation? Or maybe Liverpool’s history of business and industry? Another idea was to look at Liverpool’s population itself, taking into account religion, nationality and so on, because the people are a key aspect of why Liverpool is such an important Globalised city… but like I said, I haven’t quite decided yet.

I did find a website that seems to give a brief insight into Liverpool’s history of business and prosperity, immigration and growth, people, and so on. I’ll post the link here if anyone wants to take a look; I’ll definitely be using the site for information. (

That, and a few videos which I’ll be posting, is all I’ve got to post this morning. The assignment is quite open, so its been difficult to find just one aspect of Liverpool’s Globalisation to choose, without being too vague.

‘Of Time and the City’: A documentary on Liverpool by Terence Davies.

‘If Liverpool didn’t exist, it would have to be created.’

This morning, in our sessions with Neil, we watched ‘Of Time and the City’, a documentary on the changes of Liverpool during the 20th century, from the perspective of the unnamed narrator, whom takes us through the journey his (or her, it wasn’t stated) life in Liverpool.

A key part of the documentary was religion; during the beginning, the narrator is highly religious, often praying to God for help; for example, the narrator asks for help again certain ‘urges’. However, as the years progress, the narrators beliefs diminish; he later states to be a born again atheist. This highlights one of the changes in Liverpool, and the rest of the world; religions importance decreasing. Globalisation as a whole in Liverpool is also shown in the film; the docks are repeatedly shown, and with the birth of ‘rock and roll’, and the changing of style in the city, by the end of the film, the narrator states how he feels ‘alien’ in the city in which he grew up, which really has an impact on how we can see that Liverpool is barely recognisable as to what it use to be.

Overall, this film is a good source for exploring Liverpool as a globalised city, and I’ll be using it again. During Skill build this afternoon, I plan on going to the library and finding any books I can to do with either Globalisation and Liverpool.

Globalisation: ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’.

I’ve posted this here for anyone who, after reading my first post on Globalisation, would like to watch the video yourself.
(This video and others about Globalisation from