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The [Provider] does not necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions of any individuals, groups, or organisations whom may participate in the [Activity]. In consideration of your participation in said [Activity], the individual does hereby grants full permissions for [Provider] to henceforth use the following document as evidence in future work.

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Peter Adams


Name of Individual Participant [Print] and Signature:

Connor High


The Following Questions All Regard To The Current Issue Regarding Turkey, And It’s Taksim Protests. The Questions Do No Reflect The Views Of [Provider], And Can Be Answered At Your Own Discretion.

Turkeys Government responded to the peaceful protests with force, using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd, not all of which were participants of the protests. Many have compared this show of violence with the outbreak in Syria two years previously.

1) Do you believe that violence was necessary to disperse the crowd?

It was a disproportionate way to deal with the situation if it was truly peaceful, and using water cannons and tear gas goes too far against the law if the protest remained non-violent.

2) Many in the crowd were tourists, including various students visiting the square. How do you feel about the Governments actions against the crowd?

Same as my first answer, but with more detail, it gets worse. Tourists are a generally neutral faction on visits and holidays, and involving them without the sufficient evidence goes against the charters of the law chapter.

3) Mr Erdogan has often been described as a leader for the ‘fifty per cent’, regarding his fifty per cent vote win at the government election. Do you believe that in a nation where half of the population feel ignored, that conflict was inevitable?

There are always two sides to the same coin. Half of the population being left out practically spells “revolutionary action”, and can cause a mass upheaval if the other half find that they’ve been left out of the equation. There must always be a fair option and more than one choice in every situation.


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