Designing Anarchy: An Evaluation Of My Idea.

We’ve all been tasked with creating a double-page spread for an ‘anti’ topic of our choice, in the theme of Adbusters, Design  Anarchy. We’d be needed to complete an a photographed image to correspond with our topic, as well as an article, and a two page layout, all to be joined together in a three page spread for a future magazine of our creation. 

So, to begin, lets start with my initial idea. I chose the topic of ‘anti-war’, and initially decided it to be an article on the various troubles and controversy of the war in the Middle-East. This, however, raised the question of what to have for my photograph; obviously, I couldn’t travel to the Middle-East, so whatever I made would have to convey the atmosphere of the war, from College. Now, that sounded possible, but it didn’t sound like something that would come across as a powerful image. And so, after some thought, I decided to change my photograph idea, and with it, the entire theme of my anti-war article; I chose to explore the quote, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’. My photograph would revolve around showing an ink cartridge, leaking ink as though it was blood, appearing as though it’s a bullet. I chose this, because the very essence of that quote implies that war is neither began with a sword or a gun; it begins with a pen, and the signing of a document. So, this would be the theme of my anti-war idea. Once I’d decided upon that, the rest came easy; for my magazine background, I mixed blood with quotes from Tony Blair on the war, changing the blood to a dark grey, resembling ink. I toyed with a few examples, different splatters and quotes, different placements, before deciding on what I liked and placing it into InDesign, along with some fake text to simulate what the article would look like. The photograph will be posted, along with my layouts, above. I think the main strength of my piece is that everything ties together to this one quote, making it all connected to the same point. However, in this, lies its weakness; if the quote is misunderstood, or people misinterpret the photograph, the article wouldn’t make sense. If I could change anything, It would most likely be the theme of the piece itself, as I don’t think I could really change any of my current aspects without having the change the entire thing, because as I’ve said, they all tie into the same quote. 


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