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Connor Higgott, Journalism

This is the basic word form from Powerpoint since I’m too lazy to figure out how to post it properly.

Slide 1 – Broadcast Act 1990 – Connor and Rob

Slide 2 – What Is It?

The broadcasting act 1990 is an important law of the British parliament, often regarded by multiple group or organizations, sometimes also critics, as a typical example of thatcher’s ideals. The main aims were to restore the entirety of the British Broadcast structure, especially the televisual system which came about after the finding of the Peacock Committee. To put it simply, it is another Act or law that governs the direct services that are controlled or owned by United Kingdom holders which places restrictions or limitations upon them.

Slide 3 – The Effects of the Act

One of the effects was that in the name of the law itself, the regulator was replaced by the television or radio companies…

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